As part of PACINNO - Platform for trans-Academic Cooperation in Innovation -, an international project funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, the Managerial-Entrepreneurial Skills Development for Researchers (MBSDr) is an international, highly-intense, training programme targeted at R&D professionals from all fields. More precisely, the MBSDr program is targeted to (1) researchers who are employed by public research institutions (institutes and universities) and (2) R&D managers employed in high-tech companies. Their typical professional profile is that of a chief research officer, or a research project manager, increasingly confronted with managerial and business functions within their respective organizations.

The main aim of the MBSDr program is to develop the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of R&D professionals as individuals, and consequently improve the functioning of their teams and organizations. Participation is limited to two qualified participants from each participating country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia). Overall, 16 top-professionals from the Adriatic Region will attend the MBSDr programme and have the opportunity to share an international and intercultural experience (see below for application procedures and for admission and selection criteria).

Course description and practical information

The Programme is divided into three blocks of workshops: business environment (block 1), and management skills development (block 2). Each block will be composed of several subject courses and will be delivered over five-day residential modules. The courses will be led by upstanding lecturers with international expertise in the fields of management, leadership, innovation, and creativity. For a more detailed description of the courses refer to the programme’s brochure or to www.pacinno.eu and http://vp.pacinno.eu.

The MBSDr programme will be carried out in the Vipava Valley, Slovenia, in October 2015 (block 1), and November 2015 (block 2). Attendance is free-of-charge and participants’ travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Pacinno project partners*.

BLOCK 1: Business Environment

The main aims of the Business environment block of the MBSDr program are to help students gain basic knowledge and competencies about the business environment; to provide students with in-depth knowledge about techniques of negotiation, marketing and financial decision making in research organizations. The Business Environment block consists of four courses: (1) Financial Decision-Making in Research Organizations, (2) Principled Negotiation, (3) Marketing in Research, and (4) Business Environment for Research Institutions and The goal of these four courses is to provide valuable knowledge about the business environment of research institutions, marketing, finance and techniques of negotiation in the research institutes that will help students to achieve the above-mentioned main goals and the aim of the MBSDr program. This block will be held in Vipava Valley in Slovenia and will be carried out for 5 days in October, 2015. Below are detailed descriptions of the five courses that are going to be part of the block 1 (Business Environment) in the MBSDr program for second generation.

Financial Decision-Making in Research Organisation

The objective of this course is to give students a fundamental understanding of financial planning, accounting and reading financial statements, public financial instruments, and researching sources of financing. It explains financial management principles as applied in the public sector. The course will cover all areas of public financing, including planning, securing, acquiring, budgeting,... read more »

Principled Negotiation

This course is an introduction to the concepts and techniques of negotiation. It will help participants to refine their personal skills and behaviors as negotiators and to get the most out of a discussion, deal or sale. The basic objective of this course is to learn how to concentrate on the legitimate interests of all parties ensuring the agreement is durable. The course is led by Mojca Fran... read more »

Marketing in Research Organisation

The objective of this course is to give students a fundamental understanding of marketing as a business concept and as an activity in the company. The second is to introduce students to the market-oriented company concept and to help them focus on the unique problems in marketing faced by managers. The course is led by Vesna Žabkar, Full Professor at Faculty of Economics Ljubljana, Slovenia.... read more »

Business Environment for Research Institutions

This course focuses on introducing students to the basics of the business environment; business ecosystems at various levels (country and institution); methodology for analyzing the business environment; and the importance of knowledge, innovation, and the technological environment. The basic objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will help them t... read more »

BLOCK 2: Managment Skills Development

The main aims of the Management skills development block of the MBSDr program are to provide students with an overview of the fundamental and advanced concepts of behavior within organizations, HRM practices, leadership skills, knowledge management, innovation; to stimulate their creative thinking through the d-school methods and to provide students with in-depth knowledge about intellectual property rights and how research institutes can protect their intellectual property. The courses in block 2 deals with the competences needed to become innovative and opportunistic, with HRM and leadership skills that are necessary in a research organization. The management skills block consists of the following four courses: (1) Knowledge, Change, Creativity and Innovation Management, (2) Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills, (3) Design Thinking, (4) Human Resource Management, and (5) Organizations Intellectual Property in Research Organizations. The goal of these courses is to help to achieve the above-mentioned main goals and aim of the MBSDr program. This block will be held in Vipava Valley, Slovenia for 5 days in November, 2015. Below are detailed descriptions of the four courses to be delivered in block 2 (Management skills) in the MBSDr program.

Knowledge, Change, Creativity and Innovation Management

The basic objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive view of the development of basic theories, advanced concepts, and modern case studies of practice in the field of knowledge management, learning, and innovation in research organizations. Based on the knowledge that they will acquire in this course, students will be able to analyze the situation in their research organization an... read more »

Organizational Behaviour and Leadership Skills

The main purpose of the course is for participants to gain knowledge to operate successfully in research organizations as individuals, team members, and especially as leaders. An emphasis throughout the course will be on understanding how individual and leadership competencies (e.g., motivation, power, politics, and conflict resolution) influence the individual and group dynamics and vice ve... read more »

Design Thinking

The purpose of this course is to stimulate the creative thinking of students, which should lead to the identification, creation, and development of entrepreneurial opportunities. These opportunities are related to all stages and activities in the research projects of the research institutes. The aim of this course is for students to learn the theoretical fundamentals associated with the devel... read more »

Human Resource Management

The main purpose of the course is for participants to understand how to successfully manage people at work in order to achieve organizational goals. Because of its crucial impact on organizational success, special attention will be given to organizational culture and, in this frame, the role of managers in identifying and reinforcing desired cultural values. The course is led by Nika Vodopivec, Ph... read more »

Intellectual Property in Reasearch Organisations

The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge about what intellectual property rights are and how individuals, research institutes, and companies can protect their intellectual property. Innovations and inventions require significant financial and resource investments. Yet organizations and companies are not automatically protected regarding who has access to the materi... read more »

*Albanija, Univerza v Tirani in Hrvaška, Medri, krijete vse stroške MBSDr udeležencem. Italija, Univerza v Trstu, krije do 600€ stroškov MBSDr udeležencem. Srbija, Mihajla Pupin inštitut in Slovenija, CO BIK ne krijeta nobenih stroškov MBSDr udeležencem.

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