Ivana Carev, PhD students at Faculty of Chemistry and Engineering, Split, Croatia

So many times I've heard someone having a course, lecture or a program on different topics, and says: yes, I got a certificate, but that's just a piece of paper, it doesn't mean anything, it's worthless. I even heard this kind of comments for a diploma/PhD's and many different levels of educations I consider really serious and important.

I definitely do not think in this way, and yesterday I was really happy receiving MBSDr certificate. Why?

Because, it says for me: yes, you were a part of MBSDr program, you were on the lectures, exercises and discussions planned by the program, you were a part of a story the project planned to create, but most of it is also a recognition and reflects appreciation of my time, energy, knowledge and effort I/we putted in participating in this program. It was not easy to take off for 5 days in 3 blocks from my personal and professional obligations and learn something completely new, with all high motivations I had applying for this program. But it was worth. I learned so much, working in a group of individuals, professionals, with different background, experience, culture, and many other differences, was amazing experience. I got really lot, a totally new perspective on many things. I felt privilege working with people in this group, from each of the participants I heard so many new and useful things, perspectives, experiences, points of view, a appreciate that a lot. Thank you one more time. You made this program so special for me.

I also got some new friends, some of them I'm sure will be my lifelong friends. As many other experiences, participating in this for me was a sort of shaping myself from the inside. I'm more self-confident about things I want to do in my life, about skills i have and how I want to implement them at my work. Definitely, knowledge and information I got are useful and applicable in my work. How much I'll use it for my personal growth and my career it depends only on me, and I presume it will be useful more than I even think.

I was really impressed with this last BLOCK 3, as professors Yoavi Vardi and Miha Škelevaj gave us very interesting lectures, and both are a really good lecturers.

Thank you Sabina Bogilović for coordinating such a good project and thank you goes to all those who created and participated in this program as professors. I appreciate your will to share your knowledge with us.

I'll be more than happy to present my experience to my colleagues and motivate them to participate in the next generation.