LOIS Laboratory for Open Innovation Systems

The Laboratory for Open Innovation Systems employs young researchers from the field of a new economy.

Main activities of the laboratory are research, knowledge transfer and development of open innovation systems, entrepreneurship, commercialization, internationalization and influencing technology policy. It works with national and international actors of innovation ecosystems.

The laboratory functions horizontally according to the principle of the open innovation model which is co-operative model for creating new (highly) added values. It researches a multilevel innovativeness of the society and connects outstanding potentials. It co-creates innovative business solutions for sustainable development and market breakthroughs.

There are five fundamental R&D projects within the laboratory where three larger products have been developed: SMBA (master of business administration programme for scientists and developers); COINVEST (e-platform for connecting high-tech entrepreneurs and investors); and CERINNO (Centre for basic and applied research in the field of technological and non-technological innovation).

Finished projects

The MBA program for scientists (SMBA)

The “MBA program for scientists (SMBA)” had the objective of developing an internationally excellent program of business education (MBA) for managers in science called the SMBA. This is an international MBA program in business administration for scientists and developers.

Current key project results
The following results were achieved within the MBA program for scientists (SMBA) project:

  • An international overview of institutions with comparable educational programs has been prepared; potential partners have been identified and the contacts have been established (successful visits to potential partners in London, Boston, Paris, and Trieste).
  • The SMBA curriculum has been developed and eminent lecturers have been selected.
  • Selection criteria for student’s enrolment have been developed.
  • A five-day mini SMBA program with visiting professor from the US was held at the Faculty of Economics Ljubljana where 17 potential students attended the course.
  • An SMBA business plan framework was created specifying idea and the product, sector analysis, marketing, HR, timetable and financial plan, legal and organizational issues, critical risks and service process.
  • Potential implementation partners and CEO were detected.


Open innovation model for networking support of high-tech SMES and R&D insitutions

The project had three objectives: 1) researching open innovation models with a focus on high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises; 2) joining international research networks in innovativeness within small and medium-sized enterprises; 3) motivating and supporting PhD students and other researchers to carry out research on “open innovation” themes.

Key project results

  • Centre for innovation research (CERINNO) has been conceptualized and established. CERINNO aims to conduct and foster basic and applied research in the field of technological and non-technological innovation.
  • Four PhD students were involved and advised on the subject of innovativeness and open innovation systems.
  • Research work was published in scientific journals e.g. Journal of management and organization, Economic and Business Review, European Journal of international management, HRM, Bančni vestnik, IB Revija, Organizacija. Additionally many articles were presented at different international conferences.
  • International research collaborations in the field of innovativeness was established with eminent institutions e.g. Copenhagen Business School, Warsaw University, Kyungpook National University, BI Norwegian Business School, Tel Aviv University, Texas University, School of Business Maryland, Edwin L. Cox School of Business, and IACMR.



The project aimed to create awareness about the existence of COBIK, primarily through the annual COBIK conference, attracting interest, providing information, and transferring key contents and information about COBIK, its research work, and development to the research, business, and political community in Slovenia and beyond.

Current key project results

  • Four annual COBIK Conferences were organized (2013 - High-tech Innovations Connecting the World; 2012 - Financing development ideas; 2011 - Innovation and successful market implementation; 2010 - Innovative and technological breakthrough of Slovenian high-tech SMEs). In average 100 experts from high-tech business, politics, science, and supporting institutions attended the conference.
  • Teaching box about influence of non-technological innovation on technological innovation was written.
  • Various articles were published in different specialised journals e. g. Voice of Business (Glas gospodarstva) and MQ.
  • NOTE: All articles, conference contributions, and other forms of dissemination listed within various projects in the Laboratory for Open Innovation Systems are a complementary part of the dissemination project.

Technological policy for high-tech SMEs

The project focused on three areas: 1) monitoring the development of technological policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, both globally and nationally; 2) assessing the expectations of Slovenian high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises about national technological policies by conducting an annual in-depth survey; 3) influencing the technological policy development for high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises in Slovenia and the EU primarily via annual survey findings dissemination.

Key project results

  • Three annual national surveys on Slovenian high-tech SMEs and their supportive environment were carried out (2010-2012). Key research findings from surveys  were disseminated through the various media (e. g. scientific and applied articles, conference contributions, PR releases).
  • Two closed meetings for Slovenian policy-makers in the field of innovativeness were organized and moderated (2012 - Exploring the possibilities for synchronization of the innovation policies for crisis escape; 2011 – Exploring the possibilities for synchronization of the innovation policies in the new financial framework).
  • A comparative innovation policy analysis across different countries has been conducted.
  • An innovation performance database across different countries has been established.

Management and leadership in open innovation systems

The project had three objectives: 1) continuous strategic management and leadership of the Centre; counselling inside and outside the Centre about strategic management and leadership in open innovation systems; 2) active searching for business themes that suit business activity of the centre and its partners, and also prompt reactions to their needs; 3) cooperating in business model development (spinoffs) for laboratories inside the centre and wider.

Key project results

  • Strategic concept for COINVEST e-platform for connecting high-tech entrepreneurs and investors has been developed.
  • Strategic partnerships with two Slovenian Centres of Excellence, namely ENFIST and Polimat, were established. Additionally, partnerships with Faculty of Economics Ljubljana and business accelerator BoundBreaker were created for organizing first COINVEST investment conference.
  • 29 workshops for high-tech entrepreneurs were organized (including knowledge transfer about entrepreneurship, mentorship in business plans preparation, advising about business models development, and preparation of materials for investors).
  • Three in-house events for investors were organized.
  • First international COINVEST High-Tech Investment Conference was organized (12 VC representatives from 5 different countries attended).
  • Three international investors confirmed their interest for the COINVEST projects.
  • Specialised database with 130 European investors has been created (from Life Science and Biotech sectors).
  • Framework for COINVEST business model and business plan 2013 was prepared.

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