XVII Young Neuroscientists Meeting

bo izvedeno že 17. srečanje mladih znanstvenikov s področja nevroznanosti.

 Date: Thursday, 13th June 2013

Venue: SISSA, Via Bonomea 265, 34136 Trieste. We advise access to the SISSA campus via Opicina. In order to access the two level car park, please ring the bell at the right hand side barrier (“Presidio Tecnico”).

Meeting contact for further information: Andrea Nistri ( or Andrea Grimalda ( ).

Format: presentations and discussions will be in English. Each oral communication should not exceed 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion. Chairpersons will ensure strict adherence to the timetable. Presenters are advised to rehearse their presentation for clarity and time. As agreed at previous meetings, supervisors should be present at their student’s communication. There is no registration fee to attend this meeting.

Facilities: PowerPoint PC and projector.


10.00 Welcome and  Introduction

Genes and effector proteins

10. 15  Giulia Antoniali (University of Udine) Canonical and non canonical roles of DNA repair proteins in neuronal oxidative damage.

10. 30 Giulia Parato (University of Trieste) Agrin-mediated potentiation of aged human myoblast proliferation: a possible mechanism of action.

10. 45 Roberta Antonelli (SISSA) Functional role of proline directed phosphorylation in modulating GABA-A mediated synaptic transmission in hippocampus

Novel Neurotechnologies

11. 00 Jernej Jorgačevski (University of Ljubljana) Super resolution microscopy: STED

11. 15 Niccolò Pampaloni (University of Trieste) Mechanisms governing the interface between carbon based growth substrates and neurons: the role of membrane lipid components

11.30 am Coffee break

Release mechanisms

11.45 Alenka Guček (University of Ljubljana) High resolution electrophysiological monitoring of exocytosis in cell-attached astrocytes

12. 00 Tanja Bele (University of Nova Gorica) Role of ATP release in functional crosstalk between mouse macrophages and trigeminal sensory neurons

12.15 Ajda Flašker (University of Ljubljana) Unitary exocytotic events in Lactotrophs and sphingosine

12.30 Priyanka Singh (University of Ljubljana) Configuration of synaptobrevin on a single astrocytic vesicle by super-resolution microscopy

12.45 Saša Trkov (University of Ljubljana) The effect of sphingosine-like lipids on vesicle mobility and cargo secretion from cultured astrocytes

13. 00 Marko Muhič (University of Ljubljana) Cytosolic glucose concentration in single astrocytes


13.15 Lunch (SISSA cafeteria)


Calcium mediated mechanisms

14.30 Devendra Kumar Maurya (SISSA) Expression of the calcium-activated chloride channels TMEM16A and TMEM6B in the mouse olfactory epithelium during development

14.45 Andraz Stozer (University of Maribor) Oscillations and waves of intracellular calcium in beta cells in islets of Langerhans from mouse acute pancreatic tissue slices

15. 00 Jurij Dolensek (University of Maribor) Coupling electrical and calcium oscillatory activity in beta cell networks from mouse pancreas slices


Molecular basis of neurological dysfunction

15.15 Arletta Nowodworska (SISSA) Purinergic receptor pore activity in trigeminal ganglia as a descriptor of molecular sensitisation

15.30 Manuela Medelin (University of Trieste) Spinal cord inflammation and pre-motor networks: a dialogue between pro-inflammatory key players and synaptic activity

15.45 Swathi Hullugundi (SISSA) Up-Regulation of ATP-gated P2X3 Receptors of Trigeminal Sensory Neurons in a Genetic Mouse Model of Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 1

16.00 Anna Marchenkova (SISSA) Modulation of TRPV1 and P2X3 receptors by B-type natriuretic peptide in mouse trigeminal sensory neurons

16.15 Coffee break



16.30 Francesco Dose (SISSA) Rat locomotor spinal circuits in vitro are activated by electrical stimulation with noisy waveforms sampled from human gait

16.45 Malgorzata Serzysko (SISSA) Endocannabinoid Modulation of the Responses of Hypoglossal Motoneurons to Excitotoxic Stress

17.00 Elena Di Martino (University of Trieste) Monoaminergic interactions in the regulation of spatial learning and memory


17.15 End of meeting and future plans

19.00 Dinner

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