National Projects

COBIK is an excellent research and project management partner. We lead or cooperate in several international, national and industrial (commercial) projects.

ARRS L4-4277 Innovative production systems for vaccines and regenerative medicine

Laboratory for Bio-Analytics

Laboratry for Bio-Analytics (LBA) is cooperating in development of convective based supports for efficient chromatographic purification of cells, virus like particles and bacteriophages. Research is directed towards optimization of existing methacrylate monoliths and development of fractal chromatographic support. For purification of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells a new generation of support will be developed, based on inorganic porous support, hollow fibres and macroporous chromatographic monoliths. In the frame of the project LBA is testing developed convective supports with cells, virus like particles and various bacteriophages.

MGRT, e-storitve, mOIDom

Laboratory for Control Systems

mOIDom is a web and mobile application of informational and advisory nature. It enables users to monitor energy consumption through interactive consulting, solving of interactive exercises and learning how to reduce a large part of operational costs. Users can also compare their consumption with the consumption of comparable apartments, learn about their energy efficiency class and also export the data. Application is user friendly, easy to use and free for households.

The aim of the application is to encourage energy and money savings in order to reduce environmental strain and at the same time to maximize energy efficiency of buildings.

The European Commission is initiating an energy assessment of buildings, to raise awareness of energy efficiency, which will also be reflected in the value of the property. With the use of the mOIDom application users will be able to figure out why their neighbors are more environmentally effective than they are and how to raise environmental competitiveness and save some money.

The application will be available in July or August 2013.


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