Call for Candidates


Call for Candidates

As part of PACINNO - Platform for trans-Academic Cooperation in Innovation -, an international project funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, the Managerial-Entrepreneurial Skills Development for Researchers (MBSDr) is an international, highly-intense, training programme targeted at R&D professionals from all fields. More precisely, the MBSDr program is targeted to (1) researchers who are employed by public research institutions (institutes and universities) and (2) R&D managers employed in high-tech companies. Their typical professional profile is that of a chief research officer, or a research project manager, increasingly confronted with managerial and business functions within their respective organizations.

The main aim of the MBSDr program is to develop the managerial and entrepreneurial skills of R&D professionals as individuals, and consequently improve the functioning of their teams and organizations. Participation is limited to qualified participants from each participating country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia). Overall, 24 top-professionals from the Adriatic Region will attend the MBSDr programme and have the opportunity to share an international and intercultural experience (see below for application procedures and for admission and selection criteria).

Course description and practical information

The Programme is divided into two blocks of workshops: business environment (block 1), and management skills development (block 2). Each block will be composed of several subject courses and will be delivered over five-day residential modules. The courses will be led by upstanding lecturers with international expertise in the fields of management, leadership, innovation, and creativity. For a more detailed description of the courses refer to the programme’s brochure or to www.pacinno.eu and http://vp.pacinno.eu.

The MBSDr programme will be carried out in the Vipava Valley, Slovenia, in October 2015 (block 1), and November 2015 (block 2). Attendance is free-of-charge and participants’ travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Pacinno project partners*.

Application procedures, admissions and selection criteria

The Programme is open to any researcher/developer whose company, University, or research institution is located in the IPA Adriatic’s eligible area:

Slovenia: Obalno-kraška region. Territorial derogation: Goriška regija and Notranjsko-kraška  region.

To apply, candidates must send their CV (in English) and a letter of intent, detailing the motivations for applying to the MBSDr programme, to the country’s contact persons:

Slovenia: Sabina Bogilović, Cobik sabina.bogilovic@cobik.si

The deadline for application is the 10th of September 2015. Candidates will be noticed in few days about their admission.

Admissions will be managed at the country level. Applications will be evaluated according to the criteria listed below:

  • Postgraduate degrees (Master and/or PhD) – up to 20 points
  • Working experience: current work position, previous work experience, previous research work (articles, publications) and professional publications, current and/or previous work within national and/or international projects, current and/or previous work within academic or corporate spin-outs – up to 50 points.
  • Motivations as described in the letter of intent – up to 30 points.

Pacinno is committed to gender equality and applications from qualified women researchers are encouraged.

For more information on the programme, please contact Sabina Bogilović sabina.bogilovic@cobik.si. Further information are also available at www.pacinno.eu and http://vp.pacinno.eu.