MBSDr Program


The Managerial-business skills development for researchers (MBSDr) program is a free international intensive program as part of the Pacinno project that is designed to enhance recerchers leadership, management, and business competencies to sharpen your ability to tackle cross-functional challenges in your research organization. The main aim of the MBSDr program is to improve the functioning of researchers as individuals and consequently improve the functioning of their research teams and organizations. The courses that will be part of the MBSDr program will be led by high-standing speakers and mentors with expertise in the fields of management, HRM, innovation, and creativity. The location of the MBSDr program is Vipava Valley, Slovenia.

The program is divided into two blocks and each blocks of the MBSDr program, there will be four courses carried out according to five day modules: 

  • Business environment  (block 1) which will be carried out in October 21-25, 2015,
  • Management skills development (block 2) which will be carried out in November 25-29, 2015.