Student Experience

Sara Cantone, PhD biocatalysts and Founder of SPRIN S.p.A, Italy

The MBSDr program gives to participants a full-immersion in several cross subjects -from financial analysis to design thinking - and, doing so, it gives the capability to deal with... read more »

Ivana Carev, PhD students at Faculty of Chemistry and Engineering, Split, Croatia

So many times I've heard someone having a course, lecture or a program on different topics, and says: yes, I got a certificate, but that's just a piece of paper, it doesn't mean... read more »

Ilias Pappas and Sofia Papavlasopoulou, PhD students and teachacing assistant at Ionian University – Department of Informatics, Greece

Our experience on Pacinno MBSDr program was great. The whole program was well designed and executed. Our first lecture was “Financial management in research organizations” by Matjaž Črnigoj. It was useful and offered us a good introduction and explanation of Financial Management. During the course “Marketing in research organizations”, we received valuable, prompt feedback on marketing processes by prof. Žabkar She was very knowledgeable, professional and to the point. Business environment for research institutions was lectured by Blaž Zupan and he had excellent material, and tutors. Lectures gradually offered all the tools required to realize “organization environment”. Tutorials were... read more »

Tomaž Bizjak, Start-up relationship at COINVEST conference, Slovenia

Carlos Daniel Coda Zabetta, Project Manager at Bilimetrix s.r.l., Italy

Barbara Piuzzi, founder, manager and researcher at Alltek Innovation Srl., Italy

Sovjetka Krstonijević, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Researcher, Serbia