MBSDr program pri udeležencih pozitivno ocenjen

Students’ MBSDr experience

Ida, Bosnia and Hercegovina:

In my opinion, the selection of the subjects is very well done. Since our group (all of us) is very diverse not only in the area of our degrees, but also in the level of the applicability of this knowledge, it was very interesting for me when I noticed that not all of us found the same subjects applicable for our situation. Someone is already working in a startup company and, therefore, is more interested in design thinking, marketing, IP, and financial and information management. On the other hand, someone is just now deciding whether to launch a startup and, therefore found the lessons about how to start a company more useful than other subjects (which will be needed in the later phase of their work). I am neither of those two: I am not working at a startup company, nor am I seriously considering opening one; therefore, for me, both of these “types” of subjects were very new and eye opening. It was also inspiring, in a way, that almost every day after this 2nd block I thought of what else I might do in my life, besides this regular job—what else I can start on my own.

Jovana, Serbia:

The MBSDr program, for me, meant extensive lectures on topics in which I was quite interested or not interested at all. This only means that the scope of lectures was rather wide and everyone found his or her preferred one among the courses. MBSDr also meant getting me closer to successful researchers from the region that I will hopefully end up collaborating with!

Carlos, Italy:

I find the MBSr Program fascinating. The contents are very interesting and mainly very useful for my carrier and my company. The international and multidisciplinary atmosphere is amazing, it really filled my expectations about this program.

Ivana, Croatia:

As a researcher who wants to improve skills and broaden knowledge to better function in my research team and organization, I find the MBSDr program suitable for the development of different kind of skills. Working and learning in a multicultural group, under the supervision of mentors with different expertise, I broadened my knowledge and gained a different perspective in the fields of financial and information management, marketing, innovation and creativity. I think one of the important aspects of this program is the possibility of working in a group that consists of individuals with broad skills and different backgrounds who provide their input and give the program more variety and better quality.

Sara, Italy:

The MBSDr program gives to participants a full-immersion in several cross subjects -from financial analysis to desing thinking – and, doing so, it gives the capability to deal with different aspects of the innovation process within their organizations.

Sofia, Greece:

Our experience on Pacinno MBSDr program (both 1&2 Blocks) was great. The whole program was well designed and executed.

First Block:

Our first lecture was “Financial management in research organizations” was useful and offered us a good introduction and explanation of Financial Management. During the course “Marketing in research organizations”, we received valuable, prompt feedback on marketing processes.  The lecture of “Management information systems” was efficiently guided through the course from the start through to the end. The tutor gave us the appropriate feedback for the course level firmly.

Second block consisted of two courses: Intellectual property in research organizations, and Business environment for research institutions. Both had excellent material, and tutor. Lectures gradually offered all the tools required to realize “organization environment”. Tutorials were well presented and challenging enough to stimulate a thirst to learn more.

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